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GoDaddy Alternatives

Postby adolfhipster » Tue Sep 02, 2014 5:11 pm

In the wake of GoDaddy cancelling their renewal codes, I thought I'd share some thoughts on alternative hosts/domain registrars. These opinions are my own, and I'm not an affiliate with any of them. I just run a few websites and have used quite a few services.

iPage - mainly a hosting company, but they give you a free domain name when you sign up. They have the simplest interface that I have ever used (iPage and Fatcow have the same back-end setup since they're owned by the same company). You can point lots of domains to one host (the most I've done is 8 domains to one host). They are also really cheap if you get one of their 70% off coupon codes.

Namecheap - probably the cheapest domain registrar now that GoDaddy has raised all their prices. Lots of promo codes and stuff out there. They have recently updated their website (it was badly needed). Services are pretty simple and straightforward to use.

eNom - They are a great domain registrar, but they are not for the beginner. Complicated tasks like 301 redirecting are difficult to do in their system. If you don't know your way around "host records", then don't use them.

Network Solutions - I wouldn't. The prices are good, but you definitely pay a 'noob tax' with lots of charges for services that should be free (like web forwarding).

Hostgator - I like the company, but the layout hasn't changed in five years. And the company is one of the many that's been bought by Endurance International Group, which means that they aren't likely to start investing in improving user experience anytime soon.

Dreamhost - cool company. They also have coupons for free domain names and other products. The custom layout takes some getting used to, but overall I've never had a problem with their websites. They are also fully integrated with Cloudflare, which is cool.
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