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Welcome to MyPromoCoupons.com!

Sick of coupon code websites that are full of old, expired and useless promo codes? Those websites are like the clearance section of an old and run-down department store. You spend needless hours ruffling through the disheveled materials hoping to find what you’re looking for (but rarely do). There are some excellent coupon websites like CouponFly.org, but they are rare.

Here’s where our website brings something completely different to the table.

We’ve taken our inspiration from the excellent CouponWebHosting.org (take a look at this promo code for GoDaddy page) and made an always up to date, weekly-tested list of promo codes that people can use. That kind of professionalism is what inspired me to create Mypromocoupons.com. Check them out here: CouponJournal.org – Travel promo codes that actually work!

On this site, the users themselves will submit and try out coupon codes. In other words, the success of this website is entirely dependent on you. It’s the new “Sharing Economy”, where we all help each other succeed.

mypromocoupons - you submit the codes

I Want You! To Submit Promo Codes:

Here’s how it works: go to Our Forums and submit promo codes that you know are valid. Other users will do the same, and when you use promo codes, mention in the forums whether they worked for you or not. That way there is a steady stream of feedback for all users. If we all work together, or at least some of us try hard while 80% ride their coattails, then we can make a truly spectacular website for anyone who visits. So what do you say: are you ready to make something spectacular?!!!

How to Use This Site:

  1. You find a sweet promo code that saves you a lot of money. Maybe it came in an email, or from Twitter, or someone told you about it.
  2. Create an account in our forums and post the coupon code. No fancy “coupon buttons” or “click to view it on my website”. That stuff doesn’t fly here!
  3. Others use the code and give feedback. Either they’ll say “Amazing! Thank you!” or “It Expired, unfortunately.” Everybody on the internet is civil…well not really. But they will be in our forums.
  4. Others Post promo codes that they find. You use them, and suddenly you find that you’re saving a lot of money on all your online purchases. Suddenly you have more disposable income, and you are happier for it…
  5. You Achieve Inner Peace.

Ready? Let’s Go!

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